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Switching my projects to Mercurial

For the longest time I have been an advocate for Subversion. I still think this is a great source control system. But, since I have been using my home Linux machine (running ssh on a non-22-port for obvious reasons) setting up Subversion for use over ssh tunneling proved to be such a painstaking task that I had to abandon it.
I have been playing with Mercurial ever since its first public release, but I have never done any serious development using Mercurial. Thankfully, Mercurial has an ability to run clone command using ssh protocol. Having ssh running on a non-22 port is not a problem.
All you have to do is:
hg clone ssh://yourhost:12345/project_repo — where project_repo is an hg repository in your home directory.
So, with all that said I am officially switching to Mercurial for all of my development works.

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